Roses are red and Diamonds can be blue and they just happen to be a girl’s best friend the world over. Precious stones and jewelry have been an integral part of society across different cultures for thousands of millennia, adding color, character and social status to those who choose to adorn their bodies or clothes with it.

For many centuries, jewelry was defined by gemstone often combined with metal.  However, in today’s jewelry industry, other materials, both natural and synthetic, are being used to create exquisite jewelry to suit many tastes without breaking the bank.

One of the oldest archaeological artifacts is actually jewelry made from 100,000 year old beads created from with nassarius. Historically, Asia has had the most widespread influence on jewelry in terms of design and style.

The appetite for jewelry has not waned in these modern times. In fact there are so many artistic and eclectic designs in the market today to satisfy the preferences of a broad spectrum of clientele. If you own a jewelry business you now have more room to grow your sales with the advent of online stores.

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Admittedly selling your jewelry online has it’s set of challenges, however the potential it has is massive as long as you find marketing strategies that work for you.

 Here are a few selling online tips that will prove helpful to your online selling;

  • Create a video

To maximize online sales, videos have an amazing way of personalizing your site and connecting with visitors to your page. They give your site an interactive feel and can be a great way to introduce some of your favourite jewel creations or jewelry pieces.

They also afford an alternative and creative way of product presentation and offer you an opportunity to tell the story behind the piece with your voice.

If well done, these subtle factors resonate well with the buyer’s persona and elevate engagement with both visitors and customers making them more likely to buy.

  • Co-sponsor events

Teaming up with another business organization and planning an event together is another creative way of spreading awareness of your brand and by extension your jewelry. For example, you might have a friend in the clothing business exhibiting her line in a fashion show. You can partner with her to adorn her models with your jewelry while also listing you as one of the sponsors.

This simply enhances your credibility as a brand and gives your brand a broader platform which helps you reach or create that market target group that is mostly aligned with your product. When you have something of this sort on your page it builds that trust factor which resonates well with your audience and encourages buying.

  • Giveaways

It is interesting that most business owners shy away and are not at all enthusiastic about giveaways. However, the marketing principle at play here is very simple: The giving away of a product of X value in order to receive more in return than the value of the product you gave away. The expected returns need to be specified in order to be measurable e.g. advertising or increased sales of specific a product among others returns.

Giveaways are a practical way for increasing sales with a minimal and cost effective advertising your jewelry. Consider his scenario: You come up with a contest dubbed “The purple Email Extravaganza”. Send an email blast to all your current customers to forward that email to all their family and friends and the person who forwards most emails will receive a free jewelry piece of their choice from your online gallery.

This will invariably and undoubtedly stir excitement amongst your customers and build traffic to your website. Ideas like this are fun to implement and are also likely to boost your sales in the long run.